Festival for family in Cornwall

Are you looking for a fun-filled weekend of activities and entertainment for your family in Cornwall? Then this is the page for you. We provide perfect festival options for everyone, from your kids to your grandparents. With our suggestions, you can create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. We include festivals for various events and activities for you and your children. 

The events we recommend are unique and have live entertainment features. Furthermore, if you enjoy giving back to the community, several family festivals we suggest do just that. So, what are you waiting for? Begin your journey with us and discover festivals that will bring your family closer together.

A family-friendly festival experience awaits in Cornwall.
A family-friendly festival experience awaits in Cornwall.

Event type

From dance to art to music, our festivals offer a variety of enjoyable activities for you and your family. Our page promotes a variety of event types that you will surely enjoy. These events include outdoor activities such as surfing. We recommend arts and crafts festivals that include training and talks by local and international artists. This page also contains information about different food and drink events, comedy events, and dance events. Furthermore, we suggest family festivals where children will be active and participate.

Who is coming?

Are you coming for a family vacation or a friend group vacation? We have your back. We’ve created different event outlines based on whom you choose to vacation with. Furthermore, we understand how tiring those early days and long nights can be if you have a baby. 

However, we also know how lovely they are and the magic of creating those “firsts” as a family. If you’re planning a group vacation in Cornwall, there’s no better place to start than with us. Also, we understand that your dog is a family member. So we can plan your festivities around them.

Entertainment for children

Without a doubt, we have something for every interest your child has, from face painting to karaoke. Rest assured that our family-friendly festivals and events will put your children in a good mood. We guarantee a fun-filled experience with the daily events we outlined on our page. Each of our family events is unique and created to be memorable for your children. Our team ensures that all recommended events for your children are age-appropriate and educational. You can be confident that your children will always want to stay in Cornwall after attending all the events that we lined up for them.

A fun-filled family festival in Cornwall with entertainment for children.
A fun-filled family festival in Cornwall with entertainment for children.

Pastime for adults

For family-friendly festivals in Cornwall, the fun is not just for the kids. Our page suggests various activities you can do while watching your children from a safe distance. Your children would be having the time of their lives, so you should, too. 

There are mountains of activities ensured to make your day, such as cupcake decorating, which will also earn you lots of sweets and rewards. Our music and dance events will lift your spirits while your children have a good time. You can even sneak in a few photo sessions with the kids to keep the memory alive.

All together

The events we suggest are family-friendly that will bring about tighter family bonds. We have options for every activity, from making festival wristbands together as a family to attending arts and crafts events that will bring your family closer together. 

Our suggested activities include festivals for people of all ages and interests. Events such as balloon modelling or painting will promote your family’s or group’s unity while ensuring the victory and rewards are all yours. You will not want to leave after attending all the fun-filled, family-friendly festivals we suggest in Cornwall.

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