All together

All Together

At festivals, having the families spend time together and bond is a goal. Thus, there are many activities for children and adults to have fun together. 

The activities help stimulate creativity and competitiveness while at the same time encouraging fun and bonding. It is an opportunity for children to enjoy their youth and also for adults to let loose.

Let's enjoy all together at festivals!
Let’s enjoy all together at festivals!

Braid your own festival wristbands

At festivals, it’s common to take home bracelets and wristbands as souvenirs. They embody the laughter and fun experienced at events and are a great way to keep the memory of things. These bracelets tend to be colourful and have wordings that make them easily identifiable and related to the festival. It’s practically a tradition, and that’s why hosts almost always distribute it during the events.

In this activity, children and adults work together to create their wristbands with any colour and design they like. This event combines the iconic festival wristbands with the classic activity of braiding bracelets. This way, the festival wristbands are more memorable as the people are actually the ones who make them. At the same time, it gives more opportunities for the festival-goers to spend time together.

Balloon Modelling

The art of modelling balloons keeps everyone interested to a certain degree. It’s an excellent activity for everyone to try out. For those who’d rather watch, it’s also interesting to see the many shapes. In balloon modelling, players twist a single balloon or several balloons into various shapes. More often than not, these shapes are animals. Players may use their lungs to inflate balloons in this activity, but many now use any type of pump.

This activity lets children see their favourite things come to life in the form of balloons. It entices children to try it out for themselves, especially if they’re fast at learning new things. Adults can also relieve their stress through fun-filled activities and learn a new skill, even if it is more of a party skill.

Musical Games

Music connects everyone, making it a must for any festival and event. Everyone vibes with it, no matter what age or background. It means that in musical games, everyone gets to have fun. On top of that, there are many ways to enjoy music as an activity, which makes it great for events.

Musical games can be classic musical chair games or even fantastic dance and singing competitions. Those competitions also let everyone showcase their talents. They make an excellent opportunity for everyone to show off and brighten the atmosphere. Aside from these, song name and lyric guessing games also make for good musical games. It brings out everyone’s competitive spirit and tests their musical knowledge.

Art & Craft

Both children and adults can enjoy crafting and making things out of scratch. Whether it’s their favourite animals or simply plants and objects, they can make anything in their mind as long as they put in the effort. Everyone can pick their style and start creating, from clay sculpting to origami. It’s an inclusive activity wherein both kids and adults have an equal chance to excel and have fun.

Creative Expression: A Universal Activity for All Ages to Enjoy and Excel
Creative Expression: A Universal Activity for All Ages to Enjoy and Excel

Those who are already exceptionally skilled in art and craft can aid the ones who are pretty new to it. It promotes bonding and an opportunity for everyone to get closer and even make new friends. Both adults and children can also earn a new interest in it or perhaps even discover that they have a natural talent for crafting. Art and craft are excellent ways for everyone to express their creativity; maybe they can even take their creations home in memory of the festival.

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